Albuquerque Dream Group


April 8, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Discover the multiple meanings of your dream

–even a dream fragment holds important messages. Dreams allow spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Why bother with dreams?

Dreamers have

  • found direction for projects.
  • learned about illnesses before they are diagnosed by doctors.
  • have found solutions to problems.
  • improved performance: athletics, piano fingerings, academics.
  • anticipated future events.


Join this trusting, ongoing private group. Consistent membership builds more and more trust so members discover more and more layers of meaning in their dreams.


Privacy is paramount. What is said in the dream group stays in the dream group.

Dreamer is in control.

Because the dreamer is in control, she determines how much or little to share. This group adheres to the complete Ullman process which ensures the safety of the dreamer.


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