Dream Digging Guide 1: Discover the Messages in Your Dreams with the Ullman Method

janetwahl_dreams_web_800This book outlines the process developed by Montague Ullman, (1916–2008), a neuropsychiatrist and analyst, to help dreamers uncover messages hidden in dream images. The Experiential Dream Group process ensures the dreamer’s psychological safety because the dreamer is always in control. This unique process contrasts with the experience of sitting with a therapist in that the dreamer is the authority. Learn how to decode the messages lurking in your dream images, the rich resources for improving your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

There is no such thing as an unimportant dream.
Montague Ullman, MD

Dream Digging Guide 2: Discover the Hidden Beliefs in Your Dreams





Your conscious mind says, “Yes, I deserve prosperity.” But your subconscious mind might say “No,” and it always wins. If your subconscious says, “No,” it may believe that “prosperity is dangerous,” or “someone will rob and kill you for your success,” or “a relationship will destroy you.” The reason is specific to you.  So how do you forge an agreement between your two minds to create what you want?

Your dream images can help. Yes, those bizarre images are communicating your personal beliefs that block success. Learn to find and test those beliefs hidden in your dreams. This simple technique is a powerful tool for everyone, from curious dreamers to experienced ThetaHealers® who wish to improve digging skills for themselves and clients.

Dream Digging Journal:

to Accompany Dream Digging Guide 2: Discover the Hidden Beliefs in Your Dreams

The journal provides a guiding template so you can find potential beliefs hidden in dream images and metaphors. Some of these beliefs are helpful; some block success. Find the limiting beliefs so you can change them. Available on Amazon.



Coming–Dream Digging Guide 3: Change the Beliefs Hidden in Your Dreams

The ThetaHealing® Technique belief work changes the beliefs discovered in dreams that no longer serve the dreamer. Illustrative examples are included. A great way to increase your digging skills, ThetaHealers!