SouthWest Writers Interview

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SouthWest Writers  is a rich resource for New Mexican authors.  The website lists programs, resources, contests, and author interviews. Critique groups have formed from this organization. Click for the interview about the Dream Digging Guides.  

Dream Digging Guides Synopsis

Builder Books about Dreams

A quick synopsis of the Dream Digging Guides is sponsored by the Southwest Writers Group–a rich resource for New Mexico’s writers. Thanks to the critique groups I found through this organization who shepherded  the books to publication. Click on the book to see the interview.    

Solar-Powered Plane & Hypnosis?

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Flying a plane while in hypnosis? Solar Impulse 2, the plane fueled by solar energy only, landed in Silicon Valley, April 24, 2016, completing its ninth leg. The cockpit was very small; large enough for only one person. The flight lasted over 62 hours. How did the pilot stay awake and alert that long? Bertrand Piccard, MD, psychologist, balloonist, and …

7 Hints about Recording Dreams

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7 Hints to Dream Recording Wake up slowly. Before you get out of bed and while still groggy, write what you remember of the dream. Record the feelings while dreaming (not the feelings you have about the dream.) If you don’t recall feelings or have difficulty getting in touch with your feelings, ask yourself, “If I had to choose one …

10 Tips To Remember Your Dreams

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 “But I don’t remember my dreams.” Have you ever said that? If you would  like to remember your dreams, read on. Go to bed about the same time every night. Get between seven and nine hours of sleep a night. You need to get rapid eye movement (REM) phases of sleep to dream. REM cycles occur about every 90 minutes, …