7 Hints about Recording Dreams

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7 Hints to Dream Recording

  1. Wake up slowly. Before you get out of bed and while still groggy, write what you remember of the dream.
  2. Record the feelings while dreaming (not the feelings you have about the dream.) If you don’t recall feelings or have difficulty getting in touch with your feelings, ask yourself,
    • “If I had to choose one of these basic feelings:
      • mad,
      • sad,
      • glad or
      • fear, which would I choose?” Often nuances of one of the basic feelings will appear.
  3. Write as many details as you remember. Sometimes drawing images aids recall.
  4. Do not revise or change spelling. Misspellings can be very important in finding the messages.
  5. Put the date at the top of the page.
  6. Put a few notes about the context: events and concerns of the day(s) before the dream. This can be done after you get out of bed, but don’t forget to do it. This information will help you recall the context, the contributing factors, of the dream.
  7. Considerations
    • An audio recording of your dream (on your phone, for example) will allow you to miss the puns, homophones, misspellings which are important.
    • A dreamer recorded my brother was on heroine, a surface misspelling, but not for the deeper meaning discovered later.

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